The effects of climate change are becoming ever more visible and damaging, and the security of our food supply is being tested to its limits. 

Taking action through Courtauld 2030 is more important than ever.

The Courtauld Commitment 2030 has begun the transformation.

We have developed world leading protocols for measuring scope 3 GHG emissions, established a Water Roadmap to support the security of our food supply, and we are focusing action on reducing food waste in the home, and throughout the supply chain.​

Transforming our food system

Courtauld 2030 is the UK's flagship collaborative programme for helping businesses achieve this transformation. 

Why taking action now is vital

  • Investors and governments increasingly require businesses to disclose their climate-related risks and mitigating actions;
  • customers and the media expect reputable businesses to demonstrate good practice on sustainability; and
  • evidence shows the commercial value of actions to reduce environmental impacts and mitigate risks.


Scaling action in carbon reduction, sustainable water management and food waste

Through Courtauld 2030 we are successfully tackling sustainability challenges in the areas of carbon, water and food waste but strategic analysis has identified the need to scale action. 

Our Transformation Plan contains information, all in one place on what the food and drink sector needs to do to achieve the Courtauld 2030 targets.

It sets out how we can target, scale and accelerate action under each Target of the Commitment. For each Courtauld 2030 target we will: 

  • Highlight the accelerated activity we all need to take on our journey to 2030.
  • Outline the priorities and key activities.
  • Clarify the top actions for businesses and organisations in the food and drink sector.

The transformation plan is a living document and will be updated by WRAP on a regular basis through to 2030 to ensure that we keep on track and ensure there is clear commitment and accountability for taking action.

Discover how to transform our food system

The Courtauld Commitment 2030 targets

  • Action on food waste

    Food Waste

    To deliver UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: 50% per capita reduction in food waste by 2030 vs the UK 2007 baseline (covering manufacture, retail, hospitality & food service and households).

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    Greenhouse gas emissions

    By 2030, 50% absolute reduction in GHG emissions associated with food and drink consumed in the UK by 2030 (against a 2015 baseline).

  • Reducing water stress


    By 2030, 50% of fresh food is sourced from areas with sustainable water management.

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