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What we do

A thriving world in which climate change is no longer a problem

WRAP is a climate action NGO working around the globe to tackle the causes of the climate crisis and give the planet a sustainable future. We were established in the UK in 2000; we now work in 40+ countries.   

We shouldn’t waste our natural resources. Everything we use should be re-used and recycled.  

We can help you to protect the planet by changing the way things are produced, consumed, and disposed of. 

Why work with us?

WRAP understands that businesses, governments, and NGOs often have different priorities and ways of working; we know how to unite multiple sectors and interests behind a common cause.  

We have experience of accessing funding, skills and infrastructure from multiple sectors and countries and piloting, upscaling and replicating projects which deliver lasting, measurable change. We push our partners to work faster and harder, for our planet’s sake. 

Our work is based on evidence, not ideology.  

We are known for our world-leading robust data and our independent research. It’s this – along with our 20+ year history of being the partner of choice for governments, which attracts more and more businesses, supranational organisations, NGOs and charities to partner with us.  

Our four key areas:

Why are we working to transform the food system?

Food production and consumption is responsible for around 30% of global carbon emissions. By creating space for agriculture, it also contributes to between 60%-80% biodiversity loss through the destruction of natural habitats. 

We are working from farm to fork to transform the global food system. We are leading the way in tackling food loss and waste, reducing GHG emissions and water use. Our work with global brands, governments, delivery partners and directly with individuals to reduce food waste is delivering lasting impact.  

Explore our work developing a sustainable food system

Why are we working to eliminate plastic pollution?

The world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year. Plastic contributes about 1.8 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions. Currently, around a third of all plastic packaging put on the global market annually leaks from collection systems, polluting the environment. And at least eight million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean each year.  

WRAP was behind the world’s first UK Plastics Pact (collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation), and we now deliver or support a Plastics Pact on every populated continent on the planet. 

We are informing people around the value and problems of plastics and helping them refill, reuse and recycle more. All this helps keep any plastic which is produced in use for as long as possible and stops it getting into the environment. 

Explore our work transforming the plastic packaging value chain

Why are we working to transform the textiles industry?

The global fashion industry produced around 2.1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, equating to 4% of the global total. This is equivalent to the combined annual GHG emissions of France, Germany and the United Kingdom. 

We work with fashion, textiles and homeware brands as well as charities, recyclers and vintage retailers to transform the textiles system. We find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of clothing and textiles. We encourage citizens to make their clothes last longer through caring, repairing and upcycling. 

Explore our work creating a sustainable fashion and textiles sector

Why do we promote waste collections and recycling?

To help make the world a more sustainable place, we need to accelerate the move to a circular economy. This means changing the way things are produced, consumed, and disposed of. It’s about encouraging materials to be re-used and recycled, so we reduce our reliance on virgin materials. 

We help shape national governments’ waste and recycling policies and local authorities to deliver better waste and recycling services. We encourage the development of the infrastructure needed to re-use, repair and recycle materials. 

Explore our work driving greater consistency in household recycling

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