A ground-breaking, industry wide roadmap and toolkit that:

As of March 2023 the toolkit has been updated. The overall Courtauld Commitment 2030 food waste target remains aligned to SDG 12.3, but the milestones across ‘Target, Measure, Act’ have been adjusted to reflect the progress made to date and what needs to happen to achieve the approaching ambitious target.
  • Target: Emphasising that best practice is to set a target that ‘meets or exceeds’ SDG target 12.3.
  • Measure: Clarifying that ‘measure’ means ‘measure and report to WRAP.’
  • Act: There are now separate milestones for each of the three action areas of operational food waste, collaborative action and citizen food waste so that progress can be tracked, and relevant action taken to accelerate progress further if required.

This table shows the refreshed Food Waste Reduction Roadmap milestones (as published in March 2023), with the Actuals column updated with 2022 data.

A table of milestones for the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap

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