Safeguarding Policy

A commitment to safeguarding principles is integral to WRAP’s ethos. Just as its work is designed to make the world a healthier, sustainable place, its Safeguarding Policy is designed to protect employees and vulnerable people with whom it has contact through its work. This includes developing, enabling, and nurturing a strong safeguarding culture within the organisation.

Our work is guided and supported by a contemporary safeguarding policy base that is consistent with professional best practice.

Our safeguarding framework and policy comprises the following three standards:

  • Standard 1: Safeguarding Policy which is supported by a Whistleblowing Policy and Code of Conduct and Accountability Framework.
  • Standard 2: People and Partnerships which comprises, Safer Recruitment and Partner Due Diligence.
  • Standard 3: Risk Management Policy and Risk Log

By implementing our safeguarding framework, we intend to promote the development of a safeguarding culture that prioritises the safety and well-being of our partners and their beneficiaries, whilst the safety and well-being of our employees is managed through our human resource management policies.