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Driving the shift to a circular economy

The traditional linear economic model – make, use, dispose – assumes that resources are abundant, and their disposal is cost-free. New economic schools of thought, such as the circular economy, de-couple growth and wealth creation from resource consumption. This presents an opportunity to rebuild in ways that have economic, environmental, and social benefits and is a model which is being increasingly adopted by governments and businesses around the world.

WRAP has a holistic approach based on systems thinking. We consider the big picture rather than simply addressing part of the problem and examine how different parts of the system work together and affect each other.

We believe that only when businesses, governments and people come together can we make the step change to a world where the planet’s precious resources are used sustainably.

Our experts work with governments in the UK and internationally to implement policies which encourages businesses and citizens to move towards more sustainable ways of living and doing business. We do this through designing and coming up with inspiring solutions and by using our evidence and expertise to inform policy making and programmes for effective waste prevention and recycling systems. Our expertise is enabling governments to drive growth and create jobs while also enabling people and the environment to thrive.


As a trusted partner of governments and businesses, WRAP’s experts contribute the know-how and evidence based tools that will help deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals; especially 12.3, which aims to halve global food waste and loss by 2030, and 12.5 which aims to reduce waste generation substantially through prevention, recycling and re-use by 2030.

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UK Government

For nearly two decades, WRAP has partnered with government departments in the UK to design and execute inspiring industrial and environmental strategies, delivered via market facing programmes of work that deliver high levels of value for money.

We worked closely with the UK government on the modelling and evidence base to inform the development of the landmark Resources and Waste Strategy for England; the blueprint developed by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) which will shape how we manage resources and waste in the future, and become a key driver in the shift to a more circular economy.

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Welsh Government

WRAP Cymru provides Wales-specific support on behalf of the Welsh Government, including the delivery of the Circular Economy Fund, sustainable procurement assistance for the public sector, the Collaborative Change Programme for local authorities and the Wales Recycles campaign.


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