WRAP and UK food businesses have agreed a set of common guidelines for measuring and reporting on food surplus and waste, consistent with the global Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard (FLW Standard).

Why measure food waste?

Food waste costs the UK hospitality and food service sector £3.2 billion each year (Source: WRAP website). Using the UK Guidelines can help HaFS businesses to understand how much, where, and why food loss and waste is occurring – so they can measure and act upon it.

Research from 1,200 business sites across 700 companies in 17 countries found that the median company (across multiple business sectors) saved over £10 for every £1 they invested on curbing food loss and waste (Source: Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste (Champions 12.3)). There is also some specific business case studies in the catering sector and the Hotel sector.

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