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Global Treaty to end plastic pollution

Global Treaty to
end plastic pollution.

A chance to change the course of history.

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In 2022 UN member states took a historic step by agreeing to begin negotiations on a global treaty to end plastic pollution. We support a high ambition Treaty and are working with businesses, Governments and NGOs around the world to realise its true potential and end plastic pollution for good.

To realise the potential of a circular economy for plastics and improve the outcomes for people affected by plastic waste around the world, we can’t afford to wait for the Treaty.

We can all act NOW.

A high ambition global treaty.

We promote a legally binding, ambitious Treaty that addresses the entire lifecycle of plastics.

A comprehensive, circular economy approach based on the waste hierarchy and framed through the lens of SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. With elimination, prevention and reuse prioritised. Something which our public/private partnerships model delivers.

From words to action: our full position on the Treaty

Trusted by global organisations to help transform the plastics packaging system.

In 2018 WRAP, alongside partners The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, launched The UK Plastics Pact which has been the trailblazer for a global network of Pacts now operating on every populated continent. Our blueprint, based on collaborative systems change, has been exported to national governments, businesses, and NGOs around the world all tackling the plastic pollution crisis.

It is these, and new partnerships like them, that will play a key role as a mechanism for nations to meet mandated obligations under the United Nations Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution.

Our report Plastics Pacts-Scaling Impact reflects six years in on progress and global impact of the Pact Network. This report concludes that Plastics Pacts are proven to be an effective model for delivering impact and are uniquely placed to inform and fulfil on Global Plastics Treaty commitments, at pace. Find out how, by clicking the link below.

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Our blueprint for action.

Our vision is a circular economy for plastics, capturing their value by keeping them in the economy and out of the natural environment. A vision being realised around the world through a set of ambitious and measurable targets, based on a blueprint of:

Collaborative projects around the world.

  • Increasing citizen participation in reuse and refill systems

    ASDA and Unilever test innovative ways to increase citizen participation in reuse and refill systems

  • Global Sustainable Plastic Packaging Programme

    Multi-million pound funding driving progress towards Plastic Pact targets around the globe

  • Eliminating problem plastics

    Eliminating problem plastics from supermarkets

  • India Plastics Pact

    Working with partners to launch the first Asia Plastics Pact in India

Working with us.

The success of our voluntary agreement approach has led to us working collaboratively with organisations around the world, to develop agreements that suit local requirements and priorities. 

We work with in country partners to ensure each initiative is suitable and impactful in the region it is intended for and we work in collaboration with your organisation, bringing operational and technical expertise to help deliver impact in your country or region.

The opportunity to come together and look for pre-competitive collaboration opportunities is really crucial and WRAP convening through The UK Plastics Pact provides a vehicle for doing that.

Andrew Morlet, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, CEO

Join us to act now on plastic pollution.