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Challenges and opportunities for the food service industry

We understand that plastic packaging plays an important role in the foodservice industry. It helps preserve and extend the shelf life of food  and is critical in reducing food waste. Plastic can also be a cheap and convenient option to provide for customers dining on-the-go. However, we know that many of the plastic items used in the sector are single use making them problematic. These are not captured for recycling, finding their way into general waste and into landfill or incineration or even worse, littered, meaning they pollute our natural environment. 

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What can my business do?

The UK Plastic Pact has four targets to 2025 each working towards our vision of a world where plastic is valued and doesn’t pollute the environment. Taking actions which work towards these targets and embedding sustainable practices into your operation is the best thing you can do to tackle plastic waste in your business. 

UK Plastics Pact targets

Actions you can take in line with the targets

  • Eliminating problem plastics

    Target 1 - Eliminating problem plastics

    We have identified eight problem plastics to be eliminated by the end of 2020 plus a series of other plastic packaging items that need further investigation.

  • The UK Plastics Pact

    Target 1 - Reduce the amount of packaging used

    Use as little packaging as possible whilst ensuring the product is protected and there is no impact on food waste.

  • Compostable plastic packaging guidance

    Target 2 - Recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging

    Ensure that the packaging you use is designed to be easily recycled and that it contains recycled content. Also look for opportunities and incentives to use refillable containers and consider re-fillable dispensing solutions.

  • Recycle Now

    Target 3 - Promote better recycling behaviours

    Use our world leading Recycle Now campaigns to encourage customers to recycle their packaging on-the-go and in your store by providing segregated general waste and recycling bins for your customers and staff.

The items targeted for elimination by the end of 2020

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Industry action

Find out what out what actions Pact members have taken in working towards the targets 

- Redesigning packaging for greater recyclability

- Removing problematic plastic packaging from product portfolios 

- Introducing re-use systems

- Engaging with citizens to change recycling behaviours

- Introducing more recycled content into packaging

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Driving the agenda forward


Be a champion in your business – Cascade information and guidance within your organisation to drive engagement and influence wider business strategy

Be a champion in your industry – Respond to government consultations on changing legislation, advocating for the best outcome in line with achieving a circular economy

Become a member or associate

Become a member or associate

Become a part of the solution – join like minded organisations, collaborating to find solutions to industry challenges through membership with The UK Plastics Pact. 

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What our food service members say


We have installed recycling units in 90% of our restaurants, giving customers the opportunity to separate paper cups, and plastic packaging for recycling.


50% of our branded portfolio no longer uses hard black plastic. Replaced in most cases by clear or white plastic alternatives or paper.

Our citizen behaviour change campaigns

Our citizen behaviour change campaigns provide a wealth or resources and campaign assets that help make recycling behaviour change possible.   

Recycle Now

Recycle Now

Use our world leading citizen behaviour change research and campaign materials. Recycle Now adds credibility, recognition and value to your consumer messaging on recycling.

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Clear on Plastics

Clear on Plastics

Talk to your customers - WRAP's Clear on Plastics campaign exists to cut through the confusion and give citizens clear, evidence-based information on plastics and sustainability, allowing them to make their own informed choices.

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