Climate Change two views of the planet

How we work

Circular and holistic thinking

Our vision is a thriving world in which climate change is no longer a problem. The rate in which we consume our planet’s resources is staggering and the risk to biodiversity loss, land conversion and rapid agriculture growth to meet our needs and those of future generations is huge.

At WRAP, the focus is on circular thinking of food waste, textiles and clothing, plastic packaging, and collections and recycling. By ‘designing out’ waste during production and consumption we retain its value and mitigate the damage being inflicted on our planet.

Tackling the entire system

Tackling a single part of an issue can just move the problem elsewhere.

We take a holistic approach, gather and consider the evidence, collaborate with all partners in the system and propose – through facilitation with businesses or deliver on behalf of governments - circular solutions that work together and across the supply chain to protect and restore our natural world.