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Bringing organisations together

We have the unique ability to bring together multiple stakeholders and accelerate change in behaviour in ways that neither governments nor individual companies can working on their own.

Governments, businesses and international organisations recognise our expertise and how working together we can achieve rapid large-scale change which is both measurable and enduring. We can work at all levels of an organisation from technical specialists through to Chief Executives.  

Find out about the partners we work with

Across our work there are a vast array of partners, signatories, and supporters.

  • The Courtauld Commitment 2030

    Courtauld Commitment 2030

    Our voluntary agreement supporting the food and drink sector

  • Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment

    Pacific Coast Collaborative

    Supporting food waste reduction in the USA

  • Textiles 2030

    Textiles 2030

    Our new UK agreement working with retailers and brands

  • Textiles Action Network

    Textiles Action Network

    Developing a global framework for circular textiles.

  • The UK Plastics Pact

    The UK Plastics Pact

    Bringing together the whole of plastics value chain

  • Collaborative partnerships

    Developing global plastic pacts

    Developing a global network of plastic pacts

  • European Plastics Pact

    European Plastics Pact

    The first regional plastic pact collaboration

  • Sustainable Clothing Action Plan signatories

    Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment

    Working with retailers and brands in the clothing and textile sector

  • European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP)

    European Clothing Action Plan

    Working with retailers and brands across Europe