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Love Your Clothes

The challenge

  • An estimated 336,000 tonnes of used clothing is discarded each year in the UK.
  • Around 30% of clothing in wardrobes has not been worn for at least a year.
  • Four in five people own clothes that have not been worn because they no longer fit or need altering.
  • Over half of women and nearly a quarter of men expressed an interest in learning more about how to repair clothes.
  • Changes to the way the UK supplies, uses and disposes of clothing could reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints of clothing consumption by 10-20% each.

The campaign

WRAP’s Love Your Clothes™ campaign launched in 2014, together with industry, and helped to change the way UK consumers bought, used and disposed of their clothing.

Originally funded by Defra, the citizen facing campaign ran multiple successful campaigns, recruited and engaged hundreds of “Supercrafters” nationwide and for many years inspired citizens to love their clothes through repairing, upcycling, swapping items, and buying second-hand.

The campaign was developed as part of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan and aimed to raise awareness of the value of clothes and encourage people to make the most of the clothes they already have.

While the Love Your Clothes brand comes to an end, reducing the environmental impact of clothing across the UK and influencing a more circular approach to clothing globally remains key to WRAP’s mission.

Are you designing your own textile campaign for citizens?

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