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Tackle the climate impact of fashion and textiles

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Meet customer and investor demands

Evidence best practice in circularity and sustainability

Get on the front foot and prepare for policy developments

Be at the forefront of conversations around textiles policy development

Future proof your business

Evolve and adapt to a changing market and shifting consumer behaviour

Measure and target your impact

Measure progress and target impact using the Textiles 2030 Footprint Calculator

Work in collaboration

Network and collaborate in a pre-competitive space

Apply best practice

Focus effort whilst sharing costs and insights to overcome barriers

Shape your citizen messaging

Access citizen insights and learn about citizen messaging

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Sign up to ambitious and measurable 2030 targets. 

Reduce the aggregate greenhouse gas footprint of new products by 50%
Reduce the water footprint of new products sold by 30%
Deliver on the Textiles 2030 Circularity Roadmap

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