Reaffirming the critical role that the food system must play in reducing GHG emissions both in the UK and overseas.

In 2021, WRAP unveiled the inaugural UK Food System GHG Emissions report, offering an unprecedented overview of emissions from 2015-2019, identifying critical emission 'hotspots,' and delineating urgent areas for action to meet the 2030 goals.

Our latest 2024 report utilises 2021 data, to further refine our insights into the UK food and drink sector's emissions from 2015-2021.

Main findings

  • WRAP estimates a 14% decrease in GHG emissions from the UK's food and drink consumption between 2015 and 2021.
  • The report highlights the unique impact of COVID-19 on consumption patterns, leading to emissions reductions in relevant years from hospitality, supply chain transport, and consumer behaviours, alongside the rise in emissions from increased delivery services.
  • To align with the ambitious Courtauld Commitment, WRAP outlines the necessity for an annual reduction of 7.2 million tonnes CO2e from 2022 to 2030, a substantial increase from the current average annual reduction (4.1 million tonnes CO2e) underscoring the urgency and scale of action required.
  • With the findings of this report WRAP re-emphasises the importance of collaborative efforts to reach the pathway set out in 2021 for the 2030 objective, including advancements in farming practices and supply chain efficiencies to mitigate GHG emissions, as critical paths toward mitigating climate impact and ensuring a sustainable food system future.


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