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The Courtauld Commitment 2030 is the UK’s leading mechanism to enable businesses of all sizes to Target, Measure and Act on the biggest sustainability challenges in the food & drink sector. We are the catalyst that brings together businesses, governments and experts to make significant reductions in GHG, water and food waste through innovation and collaboration. We urgently need more businesses to join us.

Why Courtauld 2030 is a good fit for your business


Manage shifts in policy and legislation before they become law

Commercial return

Reducing food waste saves 10x the cost, and the cost of inaction on water security is c.20 times the cost of action

Peer networking

A non-competitive space to engage, collaborate, share costs and reduce risk

Consumer influence

Our research and campaigns help signatories drive consumer behaviour change

Targeted support

Help your business deliver on the three critical areas of the food system – greenhouse gas emissions, water, and food waste

Demonstrate impact

Measure and report your progress towards national and global targets

Explore our detailed member benefits

Sign up to ambitious and measurable targets. 

50% absolute reduction in GHG emissions.
50% of fresh food sourced from areas with sustainable water management.
50% per capita reduction in food waste.

Find the right membership level for you

Delivery signatory

Join collaborative working groups and play a leading role in implementing cross-sector changes.

Associate signatory

Demonstrate you are taking action to deliver on Environmental, Social, & Governance objectives.

Affiliate signatory

Support and influence the achievement of the GHG, water and food waste targets.

Engagement partner (e.g. trade associations, sector groups)

Support the strategy and amplify the messaging around wider engagement.

Delivery Signatory
Use of the Courtauld 2030 logo and inclusion of your name / brand logo on the WRAP website
Access to the Courtauld 2030 Annual Summit.
2 places
2 places
1 place
Access to the 'Food Waste Reduction Roadmap' communications toolkit to support own PR activities including use of 'Target, Measure, Act' logo
Recognition of the 'Target, Measure, Act' commitment via published list and annual Food Waste Reduction Roadmap progress report
Opportunity for collaborative action with peer group, sector experts and policy makers in working groups to drive the direction and output of Courtauld 2030 (strategy and actions)
Opportunity to help shape guidance and reports through member consultation
Access to a dedicated account manager to support your participation
Access to an online platform providing summary insights from all aspects of Courtauld 2030
Access to online resources to target and measure levels of food waste in your business.
Support for setting a challenging target and completing an annual submission on this food waste.
online only
Support in developing a targeted action plan to reduce food waste across your operations.
online only
Access to advance briefing on related specialist topics, consumer campaigns, training.

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