The objective of the project was to take a complex product such as a ready meal and conduct a detailed review of the current process flow and identify waste hotspots and opportunities for reduction.

  • Co-op Honest Value Cottage Pie 350g chilled ready meal was the chosen product, the focus ingredient being potato which was a known high waste product at the primary production/processing stage.
  • The project identified where and why waste occurs along the supply chain and identified potential opportunities and solutions for implementation
  • The processing, production and retail stages were measured with an estimated c57 tonnes of waste generated annually for this product with the processing stage being the highest at c40 tonnes.

“We welcome the opportunity to look in depth at our product offering to add value and reduce waste in the end-to-end process, at the same time as making us all more sustainable.” David Ward, Troy Foods

“Decisions made in one part of the value chain have the potential to increase or reduce waste levels in another, which before the project may not have been fully understood.” Norman Watson, Greencore

"These Whole chain projects support our ambitions on climate, resource use, and creating products with care. The project provided a structure that fostered partnership with supplier teams to build solutions. Nick Cornwell – The Co-op

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  • Whole chain food waste reduction case study Co-op Greencore Troy Foods

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