Podcast: That's a WRAP

4 October 2022

In this special podcast, sustainability journalist Tom Idle sat down with our outgoing chief executive, Marcus Gover to reflect on his time at WRAP.


Marcus brought with him a collection of everyday objects which each tell a story about how WRAP is helping to shape our world to make it more sustainable so that climate change is no longer a problem.

He also talks about the remarkable evolution he has steered which has seen WRAP transform from UK-based recycling organisation to one which is truly international. 

He also stresses the need for collaboration to transform whole systems. The need to think ‘beyond energy’ to transforming forever the way the food, plastics and textiles we consume are made, used and disposed of.

In this upbeat, inspiring episode, Marcus explains the thinking, the innovation, and the courage it has taken for WRAP to take on the big challenges many said were impossible. And how we have, through our work with governments, with business through our voluntary agreements, and all of us as global citizens, begun to offer a vision where we can learn to live in harmony with the planet that sustains us.