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Redesigning the plastics system


Urgent action is required globally to reduce the impact of plastic packaging on our natural environment. We are challenging convention and collaborating with the entire plastics value chain to redesign the plastic system. A new system that reduces the climate impact of plastic by stopping plastic waste, and the harmful emissions of new plastic production, keeping the material in the economy and out of the environment.

Why action is needed

The world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year.

Around a third of all plastic packaging put on the global market leaks from collection systems, polluting the environment. 

Plastic production, use and disposal contributes about 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

A global network for a global issue

Tackling the issue of plastic waste cannot be done by one country, region or continent by itself. That’s why we work with partners around the world to deliver solutions that empower global supply chains to move at pace and ahead of legislation.  

We launched the world’s first Plastics Pact with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK in 2018. This world-leading initiative has been the trailblazer for a network of global Pacts, with one now on every populated continent, all working towards a circular economy for plastics. Working with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other partners, WRAP has supported the development of these Pact’s, bringing together businesses, governments, and NGOs to take voluntary action against measurable targets.

Collaborative partnerships

Developing Plastics Pacts around the world

We develop partnerships that deliver change in those countries where the need is greatest. We work with in country partners so that each Pact is set up to deliver impact.

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The UK Plastics Pact

A world first initiative led by WRAP

Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting goods as they move through the economy and importantly in reducing food waste and its climate impact. However, the current plastics system is failing.

Our throwaway culture has led to increasing levels of plastic packaging creating harmful emissions from new plastic production and increasing levels of plastic waste in our natural environment. 

Plastic packaging placed on the market in the UK totals 2.3Mt. 

Plastic packaging in the UK accounts for nearly 70% of our plastic waste, making packaging the primary focus in the UK. 



Redesigning the plastics system in the UK

Key resources

Our key reports, guidance and research for plastic packaging

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Citizen behaviour change campaigns

We all have a role to play as individuals but also as businesses to ensure that plastic doesn't end up in the natural environment. Whether that's improving your own recycling behaviours or promoting positive recycling behaviours to help your customers recycle more effectively more often. 

Our citizen behaviour change campaigns provide a wealth of resources and campaign assets that make this behaviour change possible.   

Recycle Now

Recycle Now

Use our world leading citizen behaviour change campaigns and research to develop and promote normative recycling messages through your marketing channels. Recycle Now adds credibility, recognition, and value to your consumer messaging on recycling.

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