Our history and impact

WRAP was established in 2000. Our achievements include:

  • International Circular Plastics Flagship Competition awards grants in key regions around the world

    2022 - International Circular Plastics Flagship Competition

    WRAP's first international grants awarded

  • WRAP wins FREDIE

    2022 - FREDIE Awards

    Winner of Small to Medium Sized Business of the Year by the National Centre for Diversity.

  • Future of Plastics Fund makes key first investment

    2022 - The Accelerating Growth Fund Ltd

    A subsidiary of WRAP announces first key investment

  • WRAP and World Economic Forum - Partner to Tackle Global Plastic Pollution together.

    2022 - WRAP and World Economic Forum

    Partner to tackle global plastic pollution together

  • WRAP and Behaviour Change unite to fight the climate emergency

    2022 - WRAP and Behaviour Change unite

    A new partnership which will empower the public to tackle climate change

  • India Plastics Pact

    2021 - India Plastics Pact

    The launch of the India Plastics Pact - the first in Asia

  • A Roadmap Towards Water Security for Food and Drink Supply

    2021 - Water Roadmap

    A roadmap protecting critical water resources for food supply, for nature and for local communities.

  • The Courtauld Commitment 2030

    2021 - The Courtauld Commitment 2030

    Our most ambitious food and drink voluntary agreement to date, delivering farm-to-fork reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, food waste and water stress.

  • Textiles 2030

    2021 - Textiles 2030

    New sustainable textile agreement changing clothes and homeware for good to halve their climate impact.

  • WASTING FOOD FEEDS CLIMATE CHANGE: Food Waste Action Week launches to help tackle climate emergency

    2021 - Food Waste Action Week

    UK’s first national week of action to tackle household food waste and drive home the message, Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change.

  • Grants and investments

    2020 - Earthshot Prize

    WRAP named a Global Alliance Partner of The Earthshot Prize, launched by Prince William

  • Meat in a Net Zero world publication and 2021 update

    2020 - Meat in a Net Zero World

    The UK meat industry launched a world-leading model for sustainable production and supply which will tackle deforestation, cut emissions and reduce the £3 billion of meat wasted in the UK every year.

  • Six-point plan for post-COVID growth

    2020 - Six steps to building back a better economy

    We set out six steps needed to set the UK economy back on track and safeguard natural resources post COVID-19.


    2020 - Major funding for new food waste reduction partnership

    We launch FLAWLESS (Halving Food Loss and Waste by Leveraging Economic Systems), a global coalition of partners to accelerate action on food loss and waste in Indonesia, South Africa, and Mexico.

  • Wales

    2020 - Circular Economy Fund for Wales

    The £6.5m fund supported the use of recycled materials by manufacturers in Wales. In 2020, it extended to include preparation for re-use, refurbishment and re-manufacturing activities.

  • Clear on Plastics

    2020 - Clear on Plastics

    We launched Clear on Plastics to give citizens clear information about the complex world of plastics and the environment, helping them to make their own informed choices.

  • Collaborative partnerships

    2020 - Global network of plastic pacts continues

    The UK Plastics Pact success inspired a global network tackling plastic pollution. We supported the development of the South African Plastics Pact and the first regional pact: The European Plastics Pact where our role is to act as secretariat.

  • Resource Action Fund

    2019 - £18m Resource Action Fund launched

    Recycling grant fund launched to improve recycling rates across a range of materials

  • Guardians of Grub

    2019 - Guardians of Grub

    A bold new campaign was launched to tackle nearly £3 billion worth of wasted food across the hospitality sector each year, of which 75% could have been eaten.

  • A conceptual framework for a national strategy on food loss and waste in Mexico

    2018 - Reducing food waste in Mexico City

    WRAP received funding from the Roddenberry Prize to develop a bespoke programme to tackle food waste in Mexico City. Further funding was received in 2019 from P4G to continue the work in Mexico.

  • £1.4 million UK Circular Plastics Flagship Projects Competition launched at inaugural UK Plastics Pact Summit

    2018 - £1.4m fund to find creative ways to stop plastic pollution

    Launched in partnership with UKRI, we announced £1.4m fund to support creative business ideas to stop plastic being thrown away. £1m grants have been awarded and the fund is open now for refill infrastructure pilots.

  • Food Waste Reduction Roadmap

    2018 - Target-Measure-Act on food waste

    In collaboration with IGD, a new initiative saw businesses address food waste in their operations and work with their suppliers and customers to reduce their food waste. To date, over 150 organisations have signed up. This year the Roadmap was extended to include farms.

  • The Courtauld Commitment Water Ambition

    2018 - Courtauld signatories tackle water wastage

    In partnership with WWF and the Rivers Trust, we launched a new Water Ambition to reduce water usage in food and drink production both in the UK and internationally.

  • Resource Action Fund

    2018 - Increasing surplus food to those in need

    £500,000 fund for charities to redistribute quality surplus food to people in need, throughout England. The fund helped local charities provide the equivalent of six million meals.

  • The UK Plastics Pact

    2018 - Turning the tide on plastics

    The UK Plastics Pact launched - a collaborative initiative to tackle the UK’s growing issue of plastic waste. Four targets identified, with achievements of 1.5bn ready meal trays of un-recyclable black plastic removed from UK shelves.

  • The Courtauld Commitment 2030

    2016 - Courtauld Commitment 2025

    Phase 3 of Courtauld reveals £100m business saving in food waste reduction over 3 years as we launched the next stage; our 10-year commitment for the grocery sector.

  • Consistency in collections

    2015 - Consistency in collections

    WRAP began investigations into greater consistency in recycling in UK homes. We launched the Framework for Greater Consistency in household recycling in the England as a result.

  • Previous campaigns

    2014 - Love Your Clothes

    Our Love Your Clothes consumer campaign launches, inspiring and empowering consumers to reuse and recycle clothing. Using social media influencers to engage the public we find creative ways to make clothes last longer.

  • Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment

    2013 - Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP)

    SCAP brought together textile manufacturers and fashion brands to reduce water consumption, carbon emissions and waste. Our 2017 results show that we are on track to deliver against the 2020 targets.

  • Hospitality and food service

    2012 - Hospitality and Food Service Agreement launched

    By 2015, signatories to our Hospitality and Food Service Agreement saved an estimated 24,000 tonnes of food from being thrown away, the equivalent to 48million meals with a value to businesses of £67m.

  • Love Food Hate Waste

    2007 - Tackling food waste in the home

    We launched our Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which helps people to waste less food and save money. Between 2007 and 2012, food waste reduced by 21%. By 2020, 1 in 3 people in the UK is inspired to act on food waste by LFHW.

  • Courtauld: a model for the world to follow in the fight against food waste

    2005 - Courtauld Commitment 1

    Over the four-year period of our first Courtauld Commitment voluntary agreement, 1.2 million tonnes of food and packaging waste was prevented, saving 3.3 million tonnes of CO2e (carbon emissions).

  • Recycle Now

    2004 - Recycle Now

    We launched our Recycle Now campaign, which was taken up by 60% local authorities in its first year. The campaign helped UK households increase their recycling rate from 11% in 2000 to 44% in England and 63% in Wales by 2019.

  • Colourful vegetables on display in a shop

    2010 - Courtauld Commitment 2

    Our second voluntary agreement for the UK grocery sector was launched. Between 2010 and 2012, Courtauld Commitment 2 achieved a reduction in waste of 1.7 million tonnes.

  • Wooden spoon stirring pan of tomato sauce

    2016 - London-wide behaviour change initiative to reduce food waste

    TRiFOCAL (Transforming City FOod hAbits for Life) launched to reduce avoidable food waste in the capital and increase awareness of more healthy and sustainable eating. The initiative finished in December 2020 with Londoners throwing away 9% less food.