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Brands and retailers

Leading the way

UK Plastics Pact members are responsible for 85% of plastic packaging sold through UK supermarkets. As brands and retailers your work is critical to the delivery of the targets and to achieving a world where plastic is valued and doesn’t pollute the environment.

The leadership you show will inspire citizens to improve recycling behaviours, it will guide other businesses and help the entire plastics value chain make the necessary changes to rid us of problematic and unnecessary plastics, only using them where necessary.

What can my business do?

The UK Plastics Pact has four targets to 2025 which all help move us towards a circular economy for plastics in the UK. It is imperative all businesses in the plastics value chain take action, and here are some of the high priority areas that our Pact members are working towards.

  • Eliminating problem plastics

    Eliminate problematic plastics

    Find alternative solutions to remove problematic plastics from your supply chain in line with our Problematic plastics report.

  • Design guidance for recyclability of household rigid plastic packaging

    Design for recyclability

    Embed WRAP’s best practice packaging design in your business to strive towards 100% recyclability.

  • Creating a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging

    Front of store flexible plastic packaging collection

    Our Roadmap for flexible plastic packaging outlines the steps brands and retailers must take to create a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging

  • Recycle Now

    Use our world leading citizen behaviour change campaigns and research

    Use our campaigns to develop and promote normative recycling messages through your marketing channels.

Who's signed up?

UK Plastics Pact members are responsible for 85% of plastic packaging sold through UK supermarkets. Find out who's signed up and how you can become involved. 

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You can also take action in the following areas

  • Reduce the amount of packaging used - Use as little packaging as possible whilst ensuring the product is protected and there is no impact on food waste.

  • Investigate options for reusable packaging - Introduce reusable or refillable primary, secondary and tertiary packaging throughout your supply chain

  • Clear disposal guidelines on pack - So your consumers know how best to dispose of their packaging at home and on the go. E.g. the OPRL scheme

  • Increase recycled content in your packaging - Work towards including recycled plastic material into your packaging which will help develop end markets and contribute to the Circular Economy.

Buying recycled content

Target 4 - Increasing recycled content in packaging

Richard Kirkman from Veolia describes how The UK Plastics Pact has accelerated investment from large brands to buy recycled content. A critical move in developing a circular economy for plastics in the UK. One which stimulates demand and in turn impacts on investment in recycling and reprocessing capacity and capability. 

Driving the agenda forward

Change starts with you

Be a champion in your business – Cascade information within your organisation to drive engagement and influence wider business strategy

Be a champion in your industry – Respond to government consultations on changing legislation, advocating for the best outcome in line with achieving a circular economy

Become a member or associate

Become a member or associate

Become a part of the solution – join like minded organisations, collaborating to find solutions to industry challenges through membership with The UK Plastics Pact. 

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The UK Plastics Pact Annual Report 2019-20

The UK Plastics Pact annual report

Our annual report details the collective progress of our members and some of the groundbreaking work happening to transform the plastic packaging system in the UK.

Read our report

Our citizen behaviour change campaigns

Our citizen behaviour change campaigns provide a wealth or resources and campaign assets that help make recycling behaviour change possible.   

Recycle Now

Recycle Now

Use our world leading citizen behaviour change research and campaign materials. Recycle Now adds credibility, recognition and value to your consumer messaging on recycling.

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Clear on Plastics

Clear on Plastics

Talk to your customers - WRAP's Clear on Plastics campaign exists to cut through the confusion and give citizens clear, evidence-based information on plastics and sustainability, allowing them to make their own informed choices.

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Your key guidance, reports & tools

Tackling the issues surrounding plastic waste requires a coordinated effort and involves the entire plastics value chain. Learn how you can make the right changes in your business to meet this challenge head on.

View our selection below or see the comprehensive list here 

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