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FLAWLESS Indonesia

FLAWLESS (Halving Food Loss And Waste by Leveraging Economic Systems) is a network of global Voluntary Food Agreements set up to halve food loss and waste by leveraging economic systems. 

As part of the P4G FLAWLESS project we have been working with local partners in each country to develop a model that can be replicated and adapted in other areas across the world. The project is part of a growing network of Voluntary Agreements. Those signed up, work together to share learnings and discuss challenges faced.   

The project aims to set the world on the trajectory to halving food loss and waste by accelerating commercially viable models and transforming the economics of food system partnerships around the world, addressing the barriers with viable solutions. An example of this could be investments that enable the food sector to acquire smart technology to help reduce food waste by repaying the up-front cost through the cost savings instead.

If you are interested in developing something similar in your local area please do get in touch. 

FLAWLESS Indonesia Voluntary Food Agreement

WRAP has worked collaboratively with in country partners within Indonesia to drive systemic change through collaboration as well as leveraging local economic systems. We worked closely with IBCSD: The Indonesian Business Council for Sustainable Development.  

Within Indonesia we brought signatories on the journey from commitment to action on the food loss and waste principles of target, measure, act and started the movement towards consistent food waste measurement and reporting.

The project was successfully launched online as part of the official launch of the South African food waste voluntary agreement to mark International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.

Read the press release  Read more about WRAP's work to address food waste globally

FLAWLESS project partners

Phase 1 partner

  • The London Institute of Banking and Finance

    The London Institute of Banking and Finance