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Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

The challenges and opportunities of running a successful HWRC

Nationally, HWRC recycling rates have increased significantly in recent years thanks to major efforts by local authorities, contractors and householders, and mirroring trends at the kerbside. At the same time, the overall tonnage of waste handled by HWRCs has significantly reduced.

HWRCs are going through a period of adjustment to new roles and circumstances, with new recycling streams, for example, for wood, carpet, mattresses and electrical equipment, appearing either through market demand or regulation, and new opportunities for resource recovery and re-use.


Applying best practice

Effective and efficient management of HWRCs is key to improving performance and the following resources provide advice on planning and infrastructure to assist local authorities taking decisions relating to their HWRC network, including the improvement, expansion and creation of sites, in addition to examples of good practice, an overview of relevant legislation and evidence based approaches to assessing and improving HWRC performance.

Organisations and local authorities yet to realise all the economic and environmental benefits of collections and re-use at HWRCs can use WRAP’s reports, guides, tools and case studies to create further value from their HWRCs scheme.

Key HWRC reports and guidance