This guide offers ideas and opportunities for all those involved in the management of household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs). It is aimed at all those involved in the management of HWRCs, including local authority officers, waste-management companies and third-sector re-use partners.

This guide aims to:
  • Advise HWRCs on how to ensure all staff are fully supported, trained and motivated
  • Give HRWCs tools and tips to deliver high levels of satisfaction for site users


This guide aims to build on and update existing sources of information to provide an overview of current HWRC provision. It has been produced to help local authorities maximise performance and run operations efficiently and cost-effectively, while providing the public with the best possible service.

It highlights current HWRC good practice, taking account of the legislative background and the latest research into HWRC provision. It has been developed with input from local authority representatives, and aims to provide:

  • advice and supporting evidence on efficient and cost-effective HWRC management
  • up-to-date information on all aspects of HWRC operation, including case studies, good-practice examples and projected future developments
  • advice on planning and infrastructure to assist local authorities taking decisions relating to their HWRC network, including the improvement, expansion and creation of sites.

The guide is set out in a slide format and you can use the tabs at the bottom of each page to navigate through the PDF.

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  • HWRC guidance 2018

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  • HWRC summary

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  • WRAP HWRC toolkit v3

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