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Building a sustainable system in fashion and textiles

To meet international targets, we must halve the carbon impact of clothing in ten years, businesses must learn to measure their impact, change their design choices, use recycled materials and offer consumers opportunities to trade what they wear. Together with businesses, government and citizens, we are transforming how we buy, use and re-use textiles and clothing.

What is WRAP doing?

Our award-winning target-based collaborative voluntary agreement, The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 has seen retailers tackle their carbon, waste and water footprints. The Textiles 2030 agreement will take this work forward, with even more ambitious targets and a focus on circularity, keeping products and materials in circulation for as long as possible.

Our evidence, reports, guidance, case studies and tools can help you transform your business. Whether you are you are looking to create a business case for change or improve the durability of your garments, we have the expertise and resources to help, and a track record of delivering systemic change throughout supply chains.

Textiles 2030

Textiles 2030

A ground-breaking, expert-led voluntary agreement for the fashion and textiles industry.

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Initiatives and resources to help you take action.

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Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020 Commitment

Sustainable Clothing Action Plan 2020

Our industry-led action plan delivered positive environmental and economic outcomes for forward-looking UK fashion and textiles organisations.

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Key guidance for textiles producers and designers