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Resource 20 March 2023
In November 2021, 65 key stakeholders from across all sectors of the UK food industry and water stewardship community came together to support WRAP’s…
Press release 6 November 2023
Efforts to cut the environmental cost of clothing cancelled
Press release 19 February 2024
Northern Ireland households are throwing out food they could eat
Press release 16 October 2023
Water, World Food Day, Courtauld 2030, Water Roadmap,
Resource 23 November 2021
Courtauld 2030 Water Roadmap
Blog 26 February 2024
WRAP, Courtauld 2030, Water Roadmap
Article 22 March 2024
A Roadmap towards water security for food and drink supply.
Blog 22 March 2023
Case study on reducing water use on a fruit farm in Kent.
Resource 18 March 2024
This tool lays the foundation for guidance to organisations and governments in the UAE who are seeking to measure and tackle the water footprint…
Blog 14 February 2024
Find out about WRAP’s collective action project in Lake Naivasha is one of eight similar projects in important at-risk fresh food sourcing areas for…
Article 11 July 2022
South Africa, Water Roadmap, water stress
Article 10 January 2019
In many of the world’s food and drink growing regions, a stable supply of good-quality water can no longer be relied upon. Investors and customers…
Article 22 January 2019
Update July 2022: The Water Ambition has now been superseded by the Courtauld 2030 Water Roadmap.
Article 11 July 2022
water stress, South Africa
Article 13 December 2023
Find out about our Water Roadmap project in Peru, focussing on strengthening the catchment’s water cycle and biodiversity, reducing soil runoff, and…
Article 6 October 2020
Courtauld 2030 Water Roadmap collective action projects
Article 11 July 2022
The Water Roadmap is co-ordinated by WRAP with collective action projects delivered by a large number of water stewardship expert bodies, on-the-…
Article 12 October 2022
1.1 million tonnes of fruit and veg are imported into the UK annually from Southern Spain. This area is one of the most at-risk sourcing regions for…
Article 12 July 2022
Around one third of the UK’s strawberries are sourced in Medway and the regional soft fruit sector in particular, a major water consumer, continues…
Article 12 July 2022
Our Water Roadmap project in Norfolk and the Cam and Ely Ouse (Norfolk and CamEO) catchments is delivered by Norfolk Rivers Trust in partnership with…
Resource 13 October 2023
This report tracks progress and gives an update on achievements, whilst outlining the urgent action needed to not only deliver on targets but create…
Blog 6 September 2023
Avoiding a perfect storm in our rivers and thoughts from World Water Week in Stockholm
Press release 13 June 2023
Food Waste, Champions 12.3, UN, GHG, Water quality, food systems
Resource 7 September 2021
Supporters of Meat in a Net Zero world are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect natural assets like forests and water resources…
Article 2 July 2020
WRAP work across the supply chain, from field to fork, enabling businesses to reduce food waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce water…
Article 2 July 2020
WRAP works with organisations in the food and drink industry to create economic and environmental value from reducing food waste and greenhouse gas…
Article 25 April 2021
WRAP is stepping up to the challenge and taking action to transform the way that textiles and clothing are bought, used and re-used. By creating a…
Article 16 November 2023
The Courtauld Commitment Milestone Report