WRAP has developed one of the most comprehensive open-source databases mapping over 200 textiles sorters, pre-processors, recyclers, and yarn spinners (who work with recycled fibres), operating within the UK and Europe.

The database has been created to increase visibility of the reuse and recycling sector to enable and advance textile recycling. It builds on previous databases and directories developed by Circle Economy, Fashion for Good and Accelerating Circularity.

The database maps organisations handling 2D clothing and home textiles (including duvets and pillows). It does not map activities relating to shoes, bags, and accessories.

If it is your first time using the database, please refer to the user guide below for further information on how to use the different functionality. 


User guide

To access the database, please click the 'Explore the database' button at the top of this webpage or below. Upon opening the database, you will see tabs labelled ‘Sorting List’ and ‘Recycling List’ on the top navigation bar, switch between these views for a directory of businesses operating in each sector.

Underneath the top navigation bar, there is the option to group, sort and filter through categories such as ‘Region’, ‘Main activities’ and ‘Output type’. On this row, you can also search for any key words within the tab you are viewing by clicking the search icon on the far-right side of the screen.

Clicking on any cell in the database will expand the information within. Between the number on the row and the ‘Organisation’ column, click the blue arrows to expand each record and view fully. You can also expand and reduce any column width to view the data more clearly.

To support the database, there is a ‘Sorting Glossary’ and ‘Recycling Glossary’ which can be accessed through two further tabs on the top navigation bar. The glossaries have been developed to help standardise entries.

Please find definitions for the abbreviations used in the database:
  • t = tonnes
  • t/a = tonnes per annum
Explore the database

How can the database benefit your organisation?

WRAP’s Textiles Sorting and Recycling Database can be used to:

  1. Access an up-to-date directory, and gain a comprehensive oversight, of organisations operating within or supporting the textiles reuse and recycling sector in the UK and Europe
  2. Identify potential partners to unlock new projects and business opportunities
  3. Get ahead of changing regulatory and market dynamics


Join the database

If your organisation currently sorts, pre-processes or recycles textiles, or is thinking about expanding into any of these areas, and is not yet part of the database, please complete the Sorting Survey and/or the Recycling Survey – depending on which applies to your organisation – and put yourself on the map.  

If you are aware of any other organisations that should also be featured in the database, please encourage them to fill in the relevant survey above.

Need to update your details in the database?

It is possible to edit the information we hold on your organisation by visiting the database and finding your organisation's entry, then clicking on the 'Update organisation information' link in the final column. The information you submit will be checked and validated by WRAP before it is updated on the database.



WRAP would like to thank all the businesses and organisations that have supported, reviewed, and contributed to the development of the database, without whom this project would not have been made possible.


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EURIC, Textile Recycling Association, EURATEX, RREUSE and Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)