Welcome to the WRAP Food Trends & KPI Survey, a bi-annual exploration of UK households' attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours related to food waste. As the longest-running survey of its kind, it offers a unique lens into the ever-evolving landscape of food waste in the UK.

The Tracker survey, ongoing since 2007, adapts to contextual shifts, with notable adjustments in response to significant events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the UK's cost-of-living crisis.

Highlights from 2020 and 2022

  • The pandemic led to a 43% decrease in reported food waste, rebounding to 17.9% in June 2020 and stabilising through September.
  • In 2022, focus shifted to the cost-of-living crisis, revealing a discrepancy between citizens' reported behaviours and the crisis's impact on food waste.

Survey focus - June 2023

  • Primary emphasis on key performance metrics, cost-of-living crisis effects on citizens, and monitoring how rising costs influence attitudes and behaviours related to food waste.
  • Broader context exploration, including recall of communications and messaging on food waste.

Fieldwork details

  • Conducted online from June 23-29 2023.
  • 4,314 interviews with UK adults responsible for food shopping/preparation.
  • Quotas set for age, gender, and region.

Key findings - Self-reported food waste

Contextual factors - Cost of Living

  • 74% of citizens are coping or doing well with the cost of living, while 24% struggle.
  • Food waste is on the rise for both groups, with a larger increase among those not struggling.

Attitudes around food waste

  • Citizens feel less empowered to act on food waste, despite recognising it as a national issue.

Food storage knowledge and date labels

  • Knowledge of optimal fridge temperature has decreased to 43%.
  • Misunderstanding of date labels persists, with 25% misinterpreting Best Before dates and 46% misidentifying Use By dates.
  • Disposal decisions for fresh produce increasingly rely on judgment.

Skills for change - buying the right amount

  • While food waste rises, citizens show improvement in judging/buying the right quantity.
  • Improvements in buying right amounts of food increased fastest among those struggling with the cost of living.

Recognition of information and Love Food Hate Waste

  • A drop in citizens' recall of food waste information, with 46% recalling details about waste amounts and 31% recalling waste reduction practices.
  • Recognition of the Love Food Hate Waste logo remains high at 32%.

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