To help reduce carbon emissions and avoid carbon leakage, greater understanding of UK product and company-level emissions is crucial. We identified a knowledge gap in how company and product reporting standards relate to each other.

As part of a broader piece of work addressing the challenge of high quality product-level data, this report will help inform government decision-making for mandatory approaches to corporate and product emission accounting. It seeks to answer two questions:   

  • What are the key inconsistencies in product-based standards, and how do emerging ecolabels deal with them?
  • Is data gathered for product-level environmental accounting comparable and applicable to organisation-level environmental accounting, and vice versa? 

The report is relevant for food and drink businesses and policy makers looking for guidance in navigating a complex and evolving world of environmental measurement and eco-labelling. It aims to improve understanding of the processes and challenges, and enable prioritisation of reporting efforts in the areas with the most impact.

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  • Analysis of challenges for environmental reporting at product & organisational level

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