This updated yogurt guidance (Publication date April 2018, updated August 2023) is to help supply chain businesses identify and implement actions that encourage consumers to reduce their household food waste.

It covers advice and insights on date labelling, storage, changes to products, packaging design and retail.

Top actions for consumer waste prevention:
  • Review products to ensure the correct date label is applied and extend the product life to maximum possible within safety or quality parameters.
  • Identify ways to highlight which date label is used and its meaning.
  • Review the use of an ‘Open life’ statement, remove when any safety concern is already covered by the ‘Use by’ date or when not essential for a quality concern.
  • If, after review, an ‘Open Life’ statement is used, look for opportunities to extend the duration where possible and ensure correct wording is used to reflect a safety or quality concern.
  • Include Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) tips on larger packs or outer sleeves.
  • Make consumer waste prevention one of the focuses of new product development/product innovations.

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