This guide informs anyone funding or running HWRC sites of the options and opportunities available when introducing or improving re-use services. See download for the 2016 review of HWRC re-use shops.

  • Drivers for re-use at HWRCs
  • Considerations and options for re-use
  • Operating a re-use system and measuring impact
  • Overview of HWRC re-use shops in 2016



For HWRC operators:

  • that do not currently provide opportunities for re-use: this guide provides a list of considerations and outlines some practical options for service implementation.
  • who wish to improve their existing re-use arrangements: this guide provides snapshot examples which will inspire operators to overcome common barriers to the implementation and change of re-use systems.

Drivers for re-use at HWRCs

Establishing the drivers for introducing or improving re-use systems helps to gain buy-in from local authorities and other stakeholders who are affected by proposed changes to existing systems.

Initial considerations

This section is about gaining an understanding of the amount of re-usable items delivered to your site, and assessing the potential demand for those items. 

Options for re-use

When selecting the right re-use system for your HWRC, there are four main considerations:

  • Any incentives (or disincentives) in the current contract for re-use.
  • What types of items to target for re-use.
  • Which partners (if any) to work with in running a re-use system.
  • Which practical system to operate to divert re-use at the HWRC.

These considerations all impact on each other to some degree.

Operating a re-use system

This section explores some of the financial, practical and administrative aspects of implementing some of the options discussed above. 

Measuring the impact of re-use

An earlier section covers some of the options for assessing the throughput of items which are made available for re-use, as well as those which are being missed. It is important to continue with monitoring both during and after implementation of new systems to gauge the efficacy of an intervention.  See the Guide for measurable criteria.

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