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Collaborative change programmes

We design, develop, convene, manage and support collaborative change programmes, mobilising businesses, governments, local authorities and other stakeholders to reduce the end-to-end environmental impacts in key sectors of production and consumption – food, textiles and plastic packaging.

Voluntary agreements enable action across the entire supply chain rather than just targeting one area. The success of our approach has led to us working collaboratively with organisations across the globe, to develop agreements that suit local requirements and priorities.

Going global


We support voluntary agreements on food waste in the UK, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and the USA.


The Textiles Action Network brings together businesses, governments, and citizens across the globe in world-leading initiatives to transform the landscape of the textiles industry. Working collaboratively yet independently, nations set up their own national action plans, tailored to the local context, share best practice and knowledge, and work towards one shared ambition – to create a circular economy for fashion and textiles.

The first agreement within the network, UK Textiles 2030, was launched in April 2021 based on our successful Sustainable Clothing Action Plan in the UK. The Textiles Action Network is aligned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global vision of a circular economy for fashion.


The UK Plastics Pact stands out as an exemplar model for multiple plastics pacts around the globe creating a circular economy in plastic packaging. There is now a Plastics Pact on every populous continent on the planet. 

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