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Building a sustainable system in fashion and textiles

Reports, evidence, guidance, cases studies

WRAP's evidence, reports, guidance, case studies and tools can help you transform your business. 

Whether you are you are looking to create a business case for change or improve the durability of your garments, we have the expertise and resources to help and a track record of delivering systemic change throughout supply chains. 

Circular design for fashion and textiles

Designing for circularity

Designing products that are durable and recyclable, use recycled content and minimise waste.

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Circular business models for fashion and textiles

Implementing circular business models

Piloting and scaling-up new, innovative business models that extend product lifetimes.

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Closing the loop on materials in fashion and textiles

Closing the loop on materials

Accelerating the commercialisation of fibre-to-fibre recycling.

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Guidance on consumer behaviour

Encouraging consumer behaviour change

Helping consumers understand how to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

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