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What can my business do?

Leading the way

Businesses working in the waste management and reprocessing sector can realise economic and environmental benefits of creating a circular economy for plastics in the UK. We can reap the benefits through collaborative action and whole system change which will improve recycling rates and material quality. All leading to innovation and investment and a burgeoning recycling economy in the UK which creates jobs and prosperity.  

By working collaboratively to unlock these benefits, organisations working in the sector can also contribute to the delivery of national targets for waste recycling, fulfilling our UK and international responsibilities to the environment.

The actions your organisation could take to tackle the issue of plastic waste and work towards The UK Plastics Pact targets in your business.

  • Plastics Market Situation report 2019

    Buying reprocessed material

    WRAP’s market situation reports help provide comprehensive market information for those buying or selling reprocessed material.

  • Design guidance for recyclability of household rigid plastic packaging


    Driving material quality will help stimulate growth and investment into the industry and help move us towards a circular economy for plastics in the UK. It starts with using best in class polymers in packaging design and production.

  • Collaboration

    As members by working collaboratively with WRAP and fellow Pact members and partners you can help contribute to the delivery of the national recycling targets and fulfil our responsibility to the environment. Not a member? Find out more about the Pact.

  • Recycle Now

    Use our world leading citizen behaviour change campaigns and research

    Use our campaigns to develop and promote normative recycling messages through your marketing channels

Out of the environment - in the economy

Collaboration, innovation & investment

Just some of the planned activity and actions of the waste management and recycling sector in working towards the four UK Plastics Pact targets: 

- Planned additional recycling capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year.  

- Over £150 million of investment in UK recycling infrastructure, including increase sorting capacity and quality.

Continued collaboration with the entire supply chain working towards sustainable recycling solutions for plastic packaging to keep it in the economy and out of the natural environment.

All the latest from the sector in The UK Plastics Pact Annual Report

Infrastructure investment

Flexible plastic packaging recycling

Increasing UK infrastructure for the recycling of flexible plastics makes absolute sense for the environment and the economy. Through investing in new capacity we are preventing thousands of tonnes of plastics from being shipped abroad, which keeps that material in the UK economy and creates local jobs. 

Mike Maxwell, Operations Director at Jayplas

Creating a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging

Flexible plastic packaging roadmap

The top priority for The UK Plastics Pact is to create a circular economy for flexible plastic packaging. Find out how waste management and reprocessing industries are critical to transforming the flexible plastics system in the UK and discover the actions we need you to take towards 2025.

Read the Roadmap to 2025

Buy recycled content - now we're recycling

What do our members say

Richard Kirkman from Veolia describes how The UK Plastics Pact has accelerated investment from large brands to buy recycled content. A critical move in developing a circular economy for plastics in the UK. One which stimulates demand and in turn impacts on investment in recycling and reprocessing capacity and capability. 

Policy landscape in the UK


In the UK, the EU, and further afield, governments are consulting on policies that could enable the improved supply of quality recovered plastics and demand-pull mechanisms that, up until recently, have largely been absent.

The UK governments recent Resources and Waste Strategy offers some bold and radical solutions. These proposals collectively have the potential to transform the landscape for the way we manage resources and waste in the future.

These include Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging, Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) and consistent municipal recycling collections (set to be introduced from 2023), and a tax on plastics packaging with low levels of recycled content (scheduled for April 2022).

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Our citizen behaviour change campaigns

Our citizen behaviour change campaigns provide a wealth or resources and campaign assets that help make recycling behaviour change possible.   

Recycle Now

Recycle Now

Use our world leading citizen behaviour change research and campaign materials. Recycle Now adds credibility, recognition, and value to your consumer messaging on recycling.

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Clear on Plastics

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