Man stands in sea surrounded by plastic waste

Kenya Plastics Pact

Only 8% of plastic in Kenya is recycled with the remainder being landfilled or incinerated or in some instances ended up in the natural environment.

Aligned with the other Plastics Pacts globally, the Kenya Plastics Pact becomes the 12th nation or region to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's network of Pacts working towards a circular economy for plastics. 

Now is the time for Kenya to capitalise on the many positive actions by individual organisations and unite behind a common goal and targets to make the big steps necessary. The kind of steps only possible by businesses, government and citizens working together.

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WRAP's role

WRAP is a strategic partner to the Kenya Plastics Pact, bringing operational and technical expertise to help deliver impact. During 2020 and 2021 we have been working with partners to set up and launch the Kenya Plastics Pact and will be working for several more years to support, collaborate and learn from their pioneering work in the region.

Our support package consists of:

  • supporting the set-up of the Pact;
  • helping the development of an industry Roadmap to achieve the targets;
  • securing funding for development of technical projects;
  • sharing expertise in data reporting and monitoring;  
  • communications support; and
  • knowledge sharing between Pacts internationally.

The targets

  1. Eliminate problematic or unnecessary single-use packaging items through redesign, innovation or reuse delivery models.
  2. 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable.
  3. 40% of plastic packaging effectively recycled.
  4. 15% average recycled content across all plastics packaging.

Who's signed up? 

There are currently 26 members of the Kenya Plastics Pact who represent every stage of the plastics packaging supply chain.

This includes plastic packaging manufacturers, importers, and exporters, prominent FMCG brands, retailers, committed small and medium businesses, informal waste pickers’ associations and recyclers, influential industry associations, environmental NGOs, advocacy groups, and the government from across the region.

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