chill the fridge out

Chill the Fridge Out

Did you know the average UK fridge temperature is set at at least 2°C too warm! This is terrible news for milk and other food items kept in the fridge, which can perish quickly when not stored at the right temperature.

And there are hundreds of fridge models on the market and almost as many temperature controls.

Our research shows people don’t know what temperature their fridge should be. Or how to set it. We’re solving that problem.

The Chill the Fridge Out campaign launched, an innovative tool that will help people to set their fridge to the right temperature. The tool is easy to use and draws upon information from over 20 of the biggest fridge manufacturers. It also provides tips on how to get the most from your fridge and keep food fresher for longer.

The resources available below include a partner pack explaining how you can get involved, social media gifs and visuals (Welsh and English), campaign logos and schedule, and a webinar for businesses. 

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