The project has optimised the process which puts waste milk back into high grade products like shampoo sachets.  

Creating near-virgin grade polymers from waste milk pouches

  • Milk pouches being dumped is a huge issue in India. Milk pouches dumped annually in Pune (Maharashtra) is rising from 4,800 tonnes in 2018 to approximately 30,000 tonnes currently.
  • The process developed by ReVentas has been optimised for waste milk pouches over the course of this project, and near-virgin grade recycled polymer is produced. Such recycled polymer can be used for high grade products e.g. shampoo sachets.
  • The report considers the feasibility of using waste single-use milk pouches to feed a 10 000 tonnes per annum (tpa) ReVentas plant located in India -  a crucial step in de-risking the commercialisation of the process.
  • ReVentas has been successful in creating strategic partnerships with two global polymer producers (LG Chem and SABIC) and can work with these partners on suitable options for different regions, including India. Additional discussions are underway with other interested parties.
  • None of this would have been possible without the technical progress and commercial insight enabled by this WRAP-funded project.

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