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A review of the quantity of paper and card packaging being placed on the market (POM) and recycled in 2014. The project also projected future POM figures and recycling rates to 2020.

Main findings

The project estimated paper and card packaging POM in 2014 at 4,749k tonnes, an increase of 862k tonnes from the estimated current figure.

The final project estimate was found to be just over 1 million tonnes higher than data reported by obligated companies under the Packaging Waste Regulations (using the UK net pack fill calculation method). This suggests that non-obligated flow account for 21% of paper and card packaging in the UK.

The upward revision to paper and card packaging POM suggests that the recycling performance of the UK is now lower. The UK would have achieved a 73% recycling rate in 2014 if the revised POM figure is used, which is lower than the current rate of 90% in 2014.

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