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This section of the data portal provides a summary of developments in the UK’s recovered wood market.  The data presented here comes from respected, publicly available and regularly updated sources on the internet.  By following the link(s) above the graphics you can find out more details on the source of the data and visit the sites to access the full data.

The current highlights and trends are:

Wood gate fees

Gate fees for high grade wood have been unusually low in recent months, hitting £0 per tonne for the last few months of 2018. Low grade wood showed signs of improvement, reaching £40 per tonne in December 2018. 

Wood PRN prices

Wood PRN prices continued to see unprecedented gains in 2018, reaching nearly £70 per tonne in September 2018. Prices declined during the last few months of 2018, and were trading at around £48 per tonne in December 2018.

Wood packaging recycling

In 2018 Q3, the amount of wood packaging reprocessed in the UK amounted to 112kt, an increase of 2kt compared with 2018Q3 but 7kt less than the previous quarter.



Dry materials