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Figures shown are for the following SITC codes:

  • 25111: Waste and scrap of unbleached kraft paper or paperboard, or corrugated paper or paperboard – also known as ‘Class IV High Grades’
  • 25112: Waste and scrap of other paper or paperboard made mainly of bleached chemical pulp, not coloured in the mass – also known as ‘Class II Corrugated and Kraft’
  • 25113: Waste and scrap of paper or paperboard made mainly of mechanical pulp (eg newspapers, journals etc) – also known as ‘Class III – Newspapers and Magazines’
  • 25119: Waste and scrap of paper or paperboard, nes, (inc unsorted waste and scrap) – also known as ‘Class I Mixed Grades’
Recovered paper imports and exports
Data source: Paper imports and exports

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Re-use and recycling