Local authorities may not be best placed to deliver messages to all audiences so it is important to look for partners such as medical services and advice networks. These services and networks can provide information to the parents prior to and after the birth of their baby, via classes, nappucinos (coffee mornings for new mothers) and other baby and toddler sessions etc.

Potential partners include:

  • Maternity hospitals and midwives.
  • Ante-natal and post-natal clinics and organisations that run classes 
  • GP surgeries. 
  • Crèche, mother/toddler groups and nurseries etc.
  • Real Nappy suppliers and their local agents. 
  • The local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS).This is a voluntary organisation set up, owned and run by local groups to support, promote and develop local voluntary and community action.  
  • National Childbirth Trust. This is the UK's biggest parenting charity supporting mums and dads from all backgrounds, providing information, counselling and ante-natal and post-natal courses.
  • Eco Business Links provide a directory of environmental business.