The ambition of The UK Plastics Pact is for supermarkets to provide widespread collection points for plastic bags and wrapping in advance of kerbside collections, and collect 10% of material that is placed onto the market by the end of 2022. Consistency in these collection points will be important to avoid confusion for citizens and maximise the amount collected. This guide will help retailers simplify recycling for you and your customers. 

Why is this guide important?

  • Currently only 6% of UK citizen’s flexible plastic packaging is being recycled, the rest is ending up in energy from waste or landfill.
  • One in three people put the material in their household recycling which then contaminates other recyclable materials, damaging end markets.
  • Citizens want to recycle this material - it is one of the most searched for materials on the Recycle Now Recycling Locator with a quarter of citizens saying they wold be willing to  use a supermarket collection point.
  • By implementing a collection scheme you are showing your customers you are taking positive action to tackle the plastics crisis whilst at the same time helping make huge strides to achieving the Pact target of 70% of plastic packaging being effectively recycled.
  • Front of store collection infrastructure will also help to build positive recycling behaviour in citizens, providing the foundations for an easier transition of collections to the kerbside down-the-line.

At a glance

Front of store infographic - key takeaways for retailers
Front of store infographic - key takeaways for retailers

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  • Recycling your customers plastic bags and wrapping

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