Awarded projects

These grants will support projects that demonstrate new and proven citizen interventions that will encourage and influence citizens to reduce food waste. The aim of this grant is to support new, behaviour change interventions that encourage citizens to waste less food.

The scheme was open to small or medium size enterprises in England only. The scheme awarded grants between £25,000 and £100,000 for both capital and revenue project expenditure.



Value (£)

Project summary

Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation



Mapping table to help people use their fresh food more effectively. Electronic chart to fill in for their fresh food upon delivery; chart will map which dates the food needs to be used by and whether the items can be frozen, should it not be used by its use by date.

Blakbear Ltd



Low-cost gas sensor that monitors freshness/spoilage of food products; built into food containers and coupled with a behavioural nudge (phone notification and visual LED design).

Botanic Gardens Conservation International



The Fruit and Veg Food Waste Challenge - 30 day challenge, reducing food waste with a focus on plant based foods. Promotional materials and messaging shared through the botanic garden networks, and a website.

City, University of London (with University of Sheffield and Seefood Ltd)



Pilot the Gub Gub app to help students eat what they buy on campus and in halls. Also creating information, recipes and content on commonly donated and wasted foods in the halls' community fridges.




New features within existing web-app and develop a mobile app. Notification system on top of recipe suggestion system; transform pantry tracking feature; educate on storage of items.

Kitche Limited



Scale the user base of Kitche mobile app, to reduce food waste in the home. Develop functionality and data-capture and reporting; Ecosystem Manager and consultant to manage the project. Bespoke partner co-branded mobile applications and other white label solutions for B2B partners.