Built with support from WRAP, on behalf of the Government, the Biffa Polymers mixed plastics recycling facility was the first integrated washing and sorting facility in the UK specifically designed to recycle rigid mixed plastics packaging.

Key points:

  • Once sorted and processed, the high quality washed PP flake outputs, are suitable for a wide range of end uses
  • Examples of new products include paint trays, plant pots, storage boxes, pallets, car parts and office furniture
  • Some of the output will be processed through Biffa’s food grade HDPE recycling facility at the same site and go back into the manufacture of new milk bottles


WRAP provided Biffa Polymers (formally Greenstar WES) with a £1.187 million capital grant to help build the new rigid mixed plastics recycling facility in Redcar, Middlesbrough.

This recycling facility, completed in March 2011, demonstrates the environmental and commercial benefits of a fully functioning rigid PP pots, tubs and trays recycling plant for the UK recycling industry.

With a wide range of applications and global end markets, the added value processing of pots, tubs and trays will deliver economic benefits in the UK, divert more waste from landfill, and reduce carbon emissions.

To find out more about this project, watch our video below:


The Build

Watch our time lapse video of the new Biffa plant being built...