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How to be a green (hu)man at any UK music festival.

  • UK music festivals will generate around 26,000 tonnes of waste this year – more than the weight of 2,000 Routemaster buses – just a third of this will be recycled.
  • A typical festival tent uses the same amount of plastic as 8,750 straws, 200 bottles or 22 Coldplay records*.
  • Recycle Now recommends simple steps to help festival goers cut their carbon footprints at any UK festival.
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  • WRAP is excited to unveil their new data stories platform - a whole new way of bringing their food waste research to life.
  • This is the first time that it will be possible for existing household food waste statistics (from 2021/2022) to be investigated in a visual way, with interactive charts and graphs.  
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New WRAP research shows people are putting almost half (49%) of all used textiles in the rubbish bin.

On average, each person in the UK throws a shocking 35 items of unwanted textiles straight into general waste every year.

Meanwhile, the textiles that do get donated responsibly have plummeted in price due to saturation of low-quality fast fashion on the market, resulting in less income for reuse and recycling sectors.

WRAP urges key partners across brands, retailers, investors and governments to support the UK’s textiles reuse and recycling sector through grants, investment and legislation so our unloved clothes can catalyse a more circular fashion ecosystem.

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At INC4, WRAP delegates are available to discuss the benefits of voluntary Plastics Pacts to the Global Plastics Treaty:


Plastics Pacts have built a strong network of stakeholders taking accountable action at a national, regional and global level.

By collaborating on action and having evidence-based decision-making, Plastics Pacts are creating a positive impact on people and the planet. We need an ambitious global treaty with legally binding actions, in order to have scaled up impact.

The Plastics Pact Network is aligned to elements of the Treaty and is an effective route to successfully deliver impact.

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In a significant move to tackle the impact that businesses and people have on the environment through unsustainable production, consumption and waste, climate action NGO WRAP has opened a key office in Washinton DC. The new office, led by Executive Director Leah Karrer, will coordinate action on food waste, plastic pollution, and textile waste right across South, Central and North America – from the foot of Chile to the top of Canada.

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  • Eye-tracking software monitors shopping habits as Food Waste Action Week trial spells out the benefits of buying loose.
  • If all apples, potatoes, and bananas were sold loose in the UK it could prevent 60,000t of food waste, cut plastic packaging by 8,800t and save more than 80,000t CO2e each year.
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Marking the midway point in Food Waste Action Week, new Love Food Hate Waste report shows shoppers would like more opportunities to buy unpackaged fruit and veg.

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With food waste costing £1,000 for an average household of four every year1, Love Food Hate Waste releases parody video with Gino D’Acampo this Food Waste Action Week to help shoppers save money by shopping for loose produce.

  • WRAP data reveals 60,000 tonnes of household food waste could be prevented every year if produce was sold loose and not packaged2 – the equivalent of over 8.2 million shopping baskets full, enough to fill 6,500 waste trucks.

UK households are encouraged to ‘choose what you’ll use’ and embrace buying loose fruit and veg to help tackle food waste.

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  • New data shows that almost a third (30%) of the average rubbish bin in Northern Ireland is still made up of food, most of which could have been eaten (23%).
  • *80% of people in Northern Ireland recycle their food waste.
  • Households could save up to £1,000 a year by using up all the food they buy.
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Work tackling the huge environmental cost of food waste has been given a massive boost this year, as international climate action NGO WRAP receives catalytic funding from the Ballmer Group.