Helen Bird

Head of Material Systems Transformation

Helen Bird

Helen is responsible for WRAP's award-winning voluntary agreements across food, textiles, and plastics.

Since 2005, WRAP has led voluntary commitments with a history of rapid transformation, tackling some of the planet's biggest environmental challenges. Within Helen’s team are the technical experts who develop the evidence and strategies of the voluntary agreements, working in tandem with a team of passionate business account managers to ensure rapid action where it matters most. And while business activity is at the heart of the commitments, it is supported by WRAP's work on citizen behaviour change, local authority services, and government policy.

Helen has always been passionate about sustainability and has worked in the circular economy field for more than 14 years. She has a track record of convening stakeholders from across the value chain to achieve a shared objective.

Many in the industry will be familiar with Helen as the driving force behind The UK Plastics Pact. Prior to settling in the field of sustainability, Helen held marketing roles, including in the food manufacturing sector.