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Our work in Europe

Projects in Europe

WRAP works globally with governments, businesses, and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency within plastics, food and textiles.

We have worked collaboratively across Europe with leading local organisations to deliver the following projects..... 


WRAP has worked to support the development and delivery of Plastics Pacts around the world including those in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network of Pacts. 

Green Nudging Project – Sweden

WRAP was commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to trial a set of ‘green nudges’. These nudges aim to reduce individual-level consumption of single-use plastic cups at coffee shops, but also complement policy changes in Sweden. 

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European Plastics Pact

WRAP worked collaboratively across Europe to develop a European Plastics Pact. Covering European Economic Area (EEA), it was the first regional Pact to join the growing global Plastics Pact network. It worked cross borders to accelerate change towards a circular economy for plastics.

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Other global work

Work to tackle food waste, plastic pollution and the impact of textiles continues in Europe and other areas in the region are being explored. 

If you are a funder, or an organisation interested in working with us within Europe, get in touch.