Circular materials reuse and recycling

Textiles Recycling and Re-use Grant

Enabling textile waste materials to be recycled or re-used

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This grant is now closed to applications.
  • This grant supported projects enabling textile waste materials to be recycled or re-used, diverting this from landfill or incineration, so that it remains a valuable resource. Focus was given to clothing and linen textiles and projects demonstrating a level of innovation beyond normal industry practice.
  • Funding was awarded through the Resource Action Fund to commercial and not-for-profit organisations for capital expenditure such as equipment costs and technologies enabling the recycling and/or re-use of textile waste materials sourced from either post-consumer textiles from municipal sources or pre-consumer (or post-industrial) textiles for recycling projects.
Overall, the initiatives funded through RAF are expected to divert over 13,970 tonnes of textile waste from landfill. This is estimated to avoid over 20,068 tonnes of CO2e emissions.
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This video showcase the great work undertaken by SATCol who received a grant under the Fund.

Grants awarded

Projects were awarded where they were aiming to address one or more of the following challenges to reprocessing and re-using textiles:

  • Quality and quantity of feedstocks may not be cost effectively and efficiently processed using manual sorting alone
  • Newer recycling processes, such as chemical recycling, may not currently be commercially feasible, despite longer-term economic potential
  • The development of technical processes and more supply chain integration to enable scale up to a commercial size
  • Perceptions of post-consumer textile use by consumers, retailers and brands.

Five organisations across England were awarded funding for projects aiming to divert a total of 13,970 of textiles from becoming waste.

Grant recipient Location Grant value
Salvation Army Trading Company Limited West Midlands £170,000
iinouiio Ltd. Yorkshire and the Humber £164,782
LMB Textiles Limited South East £165,292
Abraham Moon and Sons Limited Yorkshire and the Humber £165,000
Izzie & Ollie Ltd London £98,820
  Total: £763,894