Baker putting a loaf on a rack with other loaves

How to sign up to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap​

It is free for all UK food and drink business to sign-up to join the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap. There are no on-going fees either, this initiative is completely free of charge.​

When you sign-up, your business is making a commitment to Target-Measure-Act on food surplus and waste:​

  • Target: set a food waste reduction target for your UK operations.​

  • Measure (and report): measure your food waste in a consistent way and report your data annually (usually late spring) to WRAP using the template (the ‘Data Capture Sheet’), optionally requesting that WRAP share your data with participating customers.​

  • Act: take action to reduce food waste towards meeting your target, and to work with supply chain partners and to support citizens (including employees) to reduce their food waste.​

​Guidance on definitions, scope and measurement (including sector specific guidelines) are free to access for all businesses.​

To sign-up, please complete the Commitment form which can be downloaded below and send it to us at the email address provided on the form. 

Download the Commitment Form (pdf)