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Find out how Courtauld 2030 can help move your business to net zero.

The Courtauld Commitment is a UK success story, with ambitious targets aligned with global environmental goals that are enabling the food and drink sector to play its part in the race to net zero. Key to the success of Courtauld is collaboration, and the broader the base of businesses that join us, the greater the level of impact we can achieve.

A bold new way in which the Courtauld Commitment is creating more opportunities for businesses is with Courtauld Associates, which enables participation in the agreement for businesses for whom there were previously barriers to joining, such as budget or resource constraints.

Courtauld Associates is the ideal opportunity for more businesses to enjoy the benefits of the Courtauld Commitment and demonstrate that they are taking action to deliver on Environmental, Social, and Governance objectives. In this way, such businesses will be able to protect and enhance their reputation for sustainability, mitigate the risks from legislative changes, and drive operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Why sign up?

Courtauld Associates will:

  • Have access to a dedicated online platform through which tools and resources will be made available on a ‘one-to-many’ basis, as well as enabling peer-to-peer dialogue. Associates can download a range of tools to support them in taking action to reduce their food waste, get advance access to collaborate on leading-edge projects, and be guided on developments in GHG scope 3 measurement. These will include guidance documents, FAQs, pre-recorded webinars available on demand, and best practice examples.
  • In addition, there will be a programme of live webinars with Courtauld Commitment specialists, covering the latest developments within the working groups, and a mechanism through which technical questions can be submitted and responded to.
  • In line with the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, Associates will be supported to ‘Target, Measure, Act’ on reducing their food waste (where relevant) and report on progress which will contribute to the overall Courtauld Commitment targets.

Find out more about the Associate offer and how you can join the UK's flagship voluntary agreement for food and drink.