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Australian Food Pact

WRAP’s UK and Asia-Pacific offices are together supporting End Food Waste Australia to deliver the Australian Food Pact. The Pact brings together Australia’s biggest food businesses to help tackle food waste in the country. 

The Australian Food Pact is a powerful partnership of organisations who operate along the farm-to-fork food supply chain. The signatories have committed to reducing Australia’s 7.6 million tonnes of food waste by half by 2030.

The Pact has four work programs, they are;

  • Target 1

    Making the most of every scrap – by donating any surplus food or transforming it to create new business or societal value.

  • Target 2

    Designing and sourcing more sustainable products in the first place, with waste prevention in mind.

  • Target 3

    Producing more with less – making farming and manufacturing more efficient. Encouraging the whole supply chain to collaborate.

  • Target 4

    Raising awareness and changing the culture around food waste in businesses. Helping consumers to reduce food waste.

WRAP continues to support the End Food Waste Australia team in delivering the agreement within Australia. The agreement has wide reaching benefits, in reducing climate change impacts caused by food waste and in saving money. By reducing their food waste businesses on average see a $14 benefit for each $1 that they invest. 

The Australian Food Pact is one of a number of food waste voluntary agreements across the world, there is now a food waste pact on every continent except Antarctica.

If you are interested in working within food waste reduction in Australia, get in touch.  

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