Let's keep crushing it

Keep Crushing It

If there’s good to be found from lockdown, it’s that many of us had time to stop, pause and think about how we did things. During this time, we wasted a third less food than we usually would. We saved leftovers, wrote detailed shopping lists containing only what we need, and we baked a LOT of banana bread.

But as life returns to a form of normal, we want to ensure those good habits are maintained. We’re on a mission to help you to Keep Crushing It and reduce the amount of good food being wasted.

The Keep Crushing It campaign will encourage people to keep up their pre-shop planning, smart storage, and creative cooking, as well as raising awareness of food waste contributing to climate change, and impacting on the cost of their food shop.

It is aimed at UK citizens aged 18-34. 

Below you can access videos, social media posts, posters, a web banner, and vehicle livery. 




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Keep Crushing It: Campaign Playbook

Everything you need to know about the Keep Crushing It campaign. Target audiences, research, behaviours we're trying to change, key messages, and how to use the assets. 

Keep Crushing It: Videos

Keep Crushing It: Social Media posts

Keep Crushing It: Posters